Why an Ad Agency’s Publicity Matters

People make purchasing decisions every day based on an organization’s reputation.  What people see or hear in the news media and from word of mouth influences many of these decisions.  Media coverage is particularly important because it is generally considered to be more credible than advertising.  Even companies with well-established brands use public relations to nurture their reputations and to maintain awareness in the crowded communications jungle.

Publicity is especially useful in generating awareness and positive associations,and a sustained publicity effort will help generate inquiries that can be turned into sales. 

Publicity allows an objective secondary source–the news media–to tell your story, providing your agency with enhanced credibility.  More than any other discipline, effective public relations through the use of positive, ongoing publicity, is responsible for a company’s image and reputation.

Ad agencies that use publicity strategically have a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to new business development.

A start-and-stop publicity effort makes about as much sense as running a print ad once every six months – there just isn’t enough ongoing exposure to make it work, even if the ad itself is great.  Consistency is the key.

Having an ongoing public relations program will build your agency’s brand and give you a consistent presence in the marketplace.

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.


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