Ad Agencies: Twitter Helps Professional Services Clients Gain Exposure

Increasingly, accountants, attorneys and physicians are using Twitter as a way to reach new audiences; speak directly with their clients/patients; and develop expert status on particular topics.

According to an article in the South Florida Business Journal, some surgeons are tweeting live from the operating room and providing opportunities for people to follow them through their days.

“Cosmetic surgeon Jason Pozner’s most recent tweets focused on laser hair removal, medical spa lawsuits, celebrity endorsements and armpit Botox. The variety keeps the Twitter stream topical, and links steer people back to his blog site, Cosmetic MD Nation,” notes Journal reporter Jeff Zbar.

The variety has boosted traffic to the blog and led to ‘re-tweets’ (where his Twitter followers pass along his tweet). Pozner believes he’s reaching the Generation Y, X and baby boomer demographic that’s both conscious of their appearance – and increasingly active on social media.”

Twitter also is being used as a search tool by consumers, peers and others, and companies are using it for market research.

While some in professional services shun marketing, those who embrace Twitter and other social media to promote their practices are differentiating themselves, establishing their expertise and effectively reaching their target markets in an increasingly competitive environment.

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How Ad Agencies Can Get the Most Out of Twitter

In a Financial Times article, marketers shared tips on getting the most out of Twitter while still staying on the good side of its users. Among their recommended do’s and don’ts for brands:

• Claim your name. Listen before you leap. Have a purpose…

• Don’t “broadcast” but instead approach tweets like a conversation where you might be challenged.

• Don’t be lured by sites that promise tons of followers for FREE, aim to grow organically. A few quality followers are worth more than tons.

• Talk the same language as your audience. Brands that generate the most clicks, follows, replies are the ones that engage.

• Remember that Twitter is about people so you have to let the personality of whoever is tweeting come through.

• Don’t be too salesy. It’s really, really boring and will just make you (and thus your brand) look like a tiresome jerk.

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Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.