Commercial Celebrating Life Draws Fire from Many in Advertising World

Judging from the Ad Age Web site comments, a Super Bowl commercial titled “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life” is highly controversial and upsetting to many.

The 30-second spot features University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother. Tebow, the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy, is an outspoken pro-life Christian who’s not shy about sharing his faith publicly. The spots were purchased by Focus on the Family, a favorite boogey man for those who despise traditional values.

An Ad Age article about the spot frames it in the context of other controversial Super Bowl ads, some of which were downright outrageous and in extremely poor taste. I guess it’s a sign of the times that celebrating life and family falls into that category.

This spot has struck quite a few nerves and received tons of publicity before it even airs. Which make for a pretty good ad, don’t you think?

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.