Consistent PR Is Vital to New Business Success

While public relations provides credibility that no other marketing tool can replicate, the lack of a consistent PR effort can cause top-of-mind awareness to diminish over time.

For advertising to be effective in building a brand, it needs to have a certain level of frequency to keep the brand in the forefront of customers’ and prospects’ minds. The same principle applies when utilizing publicity and other PR disciplines to help build a brand and attract new business.

A start-and-stop PR effort is a little bit like start-and-stop exercise – it’s better than none at all, but not nearly as effective as a consistent effort.  Just as running an ad once every six months won’t provide enough ongoing exposure to be very effective, the same is true with having an occasional story in the news media or a blog with excellent content that’s infrequently updated. Effective adverting and PR both require frequency to reinforce messages in the minds of your target audiences.

A consistent PR program can help ad agencies and organizations not only get more exposure with important audiences, but also compliment new business efforts. Marketing strategies increasingly are geared toward making companies “discoverable,” and PR can play a key role in this process through publicity, content marketing, social media and special events.

Finding ways to keep your company, product or service consistently generating buzz through PR will help you drive sales, get discovered by prospects and strengthen relationships with existing customers.