Ad Agencies: PRWeb’s Redesigned Site Aims to Improve Online Visibility

PRWeb’s redesigned website has some great improvements intended to enhance visibility for news releases, provide users with educational resources and make it easier for them to navigate throughout the site. The upgrades include:

• An updated news release template that is more visual, more interactive and purportedly performs better online.
• A news center dedicated to giving news releases industry-leading visibility. According to PRWeb, “Readers and search engines can find your story faster, which means more traffic to your website.”
• Expert resources that include a long list of ideas for news release topics, legal news guidelines, white papers, webinar archives and a ton of information about using video
• Best practice case studies featuring customers who’ve achieved “amazing” results, so that users can learn how their peers are using PRWeb in innovative ways.

Of course, the number of news release pick ups and the volume of traffic to sites will continue to be the criteria of success for users. It’s too early to tell how effective these changes will be, but they seem to be promising. I’m looking forward to trying the re-engineered PRWeb site with my next release, and see if I notice an uptick in responses.

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.

2 thoughts on “Ad Agencies: PRWeb’s Redesigned Site Aims to Improve Online Visibility

  1. Thanks for the mention here Don, much appreciated. Definitely look forward to hearing about your experience and we are always looking for new and interesting case studies!

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