SEO a Must for Ad Agency News Releases

BurrellesLuce has some helpful tips for search engine optimization when writing a news release:

1. Treat your release like a mini web page. As always, a release needs to be crisp and meaningful. In today’s digital world, however, you should enhance a release with keywords, embedded links, and multimedia content.

2. Put your company name in the headline. If the release topic doesn’t lend itself to a headline mention, aim for the first paragraph or a subhead. These are also the best positions for placing relevant keywords or search terms.

3. Provide a hyperlink to the company’s website. Insert a hyperlink at the first mention of the company’s name, and in the release boilerplate.

4. Include additional search terms far up in the release. In the context of the entire release, however, keyword density should be limited to about two percent of total word count.

5. Add graphics, including your logo. Attractive graphics can help you stand out in a crowd. And use of your logo definitely heightens brand recognition.

6. Hyperlink key terms to related content on your site. Examples of key terms include a list of features, a product application note, or a product homepage.

7. Encourage distributors, user groups, and industry or professional associations to link to your release. Point out the value of your announcement for their customers and members. If your news is relevant enough, they may include the link. And the more links, the better the odds of moving up in search engine results.

8. Take advantage of the SEO enhancement features offered by your content distribution service. Among other benefits, those enhancements significantly extend the amount of time that your content can be found through a search.

9. Consider preparing twin releases. Not identical twins, but fraternal ones: a “just the facts” version for direct distribution to print editors, and an SEO version for web distribution, using the same core content.

10. Publish the release on your own website. Don’t forget this easy step, since your website is part of the media universe scoured by search engines.

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.

2 thoughts on “SEO a Must for Ad Agency News Releases

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