Criteria for Ad Agencies when Evaluating Partnership Opportunities

The following are criteria for ad agencies to consider when evaluating partnerships related to charitable giving, events or sponsorship opportunities for clients:

1. Is the event/cause compatible with our objectives, values and mission statement?
2. Will this partnership help us effectively reach our target audiences?
3. How many people are expected to attend the event or be exposed to the sponsorship/donation?
4. Does the organization have a solid track record and good reputation?
5. Is the chemistry right?
6. Is the partnership compatible with our brand’s personality?
7. Does the partnership provide opportunities to develop new business?
8. Is there an opportunity for employee involvement?
9. Will management support the partnership?
10. Will certain segments of our customer base have objections to this partnership or be offended by it?
11. Are any of our competitors involved?
12. Is there a logical tie to our business?
13. How does this partnership compare with other available opportunities?
14. Are the organizers open to new and innovative approaches?

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.

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