Sept. 13 Session in HubSpot’s Agency Expert Webinar Series Will Focus on Using Ad Agency PR to Drive New Business


HubSpot’s Agency Expert Webinar Series is an excellent opportunity for agency professionals to learn more about trends and strategies for successful agency growth. In live, hour-long YouTube sessions, industry leaders share their insights on topics ranging from agency growth and winning more pitches, to finding new talent and gaining a better understanding of client behavior.

Viewers can join the conversation, submit questions for presenters in real-time and follow along and connect with other viewers via Twitter at @HubSpotAgencies and #AgencyExpertSeries.

Michael Gass, founder of Fuel Lines Business Development, set the bar high when he kicked off the series with “Three Things a New Business Director Needs for Success.”

I’m honored to have been asked to be part of the series, and will focus my time on discussing how to build an effective agency public relations plan that will drive new business.

Webinar Series Don Beehler_LI.png

My Sept. 13 session will walk through the building blocks of creating a performance-based PR plan for your agency. It will explain how the strategic use of PR can enhance awareness and credibility; distinguish your agency from competitors; and make it easier for decision makers to find you.

Key takeaways:

  • What PR can do for your agency that no other marketing tool can replicate
  • How a small or mid-sized agency’s strategic use of PR can level the playing field with larger competitors
  • What your agency’s PR plan should include
  • How to integrate PR into your new business development strategy
  • Cost-effective resources that can help you generate publicity
  • Why not having PR capabilities may cause your agency to miss out on new business opportunities




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