Don’t Miss Publicity Opportunities for Your Agency

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In dealing with the tyranny of the urgent, ad agency can easily overlook publicity opportunities just waiting to be told. These opportunities are valuable in generating awareness and, in some cases, helping to establish or reinforce expertise in particular areas.

Here are my Top 20 Topics to consider:

  1. Awards
  2. New clients/customers
  3. New employees
  4. Employee promotions
  5. Human interest stories about employees
  6. Community involvement
  7. Survey results
  8. Introducing a new product or service
  9. Expert commentary that address newsworthy topics/trends
  10. Appointments to boards
  11. Publications (articles, books, etc.)
  12. New offices/geographical expansion
  13. Mergers/strategic alliances
  14. Trends, projections, forecasts
  15. Speeches
  16. Sponsorships
  17. Mentoring programs
  18. Pro bono work
  19. Guest columns
  20. Case studies that could become feature stories

One of my favorite examples of a good human interest story involves a real estate agent named Alex Delgado.

“Once I got into real estate, I got really successful really fast, and I had all this money I didn’t know what to do with,” he told our local paper. Rather than pamper himself, Alex looked to the needs of others by giving a portion of his commission for every house sold to sponsor impoverished children in developing countries.

At the time the story was published, he was supporting 53 children in 19 countries.

The article quoted from letters he received from his sponsor children, who described the ways in which his involvement improved their lives. One girl from India, who signed her letter “loving daughter,” explained how his money provides her family with food and soap.

A little boy who lost both parents to an accident, and later his younger sister, wrote, “Now I am alone. I thank God for getting you as my sponsor.”

If I were looking to buy or sell a house, Alex Delgado is the first person I’d call. And I imagine a lot of other people felt the same way after reading this story. It obviously was good publicity for his company as well.

What stories like this are in your agency or client roster that ought to be shared?

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to advertising agencies and businesses.

photo credit: David Boyle via photopin cc

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