Tampa Bay Business Journal Explores Ad Agency of the Future

Robert Yaniz Jr., editorial assistant for the Tampa Bay Business Journal, recently interviewed three local ad agency principals about their thoughts as to how ad agencies will change in the years ahead.

Among the trends: Angela Massaro-Fain, founder and president of Grapevine Communications, believes there will be more boutique agencies, with most of the creative, media planning and public relations talent being outsourced.

Patricia Courtois, a partner at Eric Mower and Associates, says, “Advertising agencies are going to have to raise their digital IQ significantly,” adding that all team members will need to be well versed in traditional and non-traditional methods of communication.

But the comment I found most insightful came from Tony Ceresoli II, president and CEO of Ad Partners Inc.: “In order for ad agencies to thrive in the future, they will have to become experts in new, social and traditional media.

“Clients are weary of ad agencies that claim to have a handle on new and social media but don’t even use it for their own businesses.”

Right on. Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more! While no one suggested or recommended abandoning traditional media, the reality is that advertising agencies simply cannot continue to do business old-school style and expect to be successful. New and social media will only grow and increase its influence.

If your agency is still playing catch up, a good New Year’s resolution would be to make 2010 the year you and your team gets up to speed on new communication technologies and social (interactive) media.

To read the article, visit: http://tampabay.bizjournals.com/tampabay/stories/2009/12/28/focus2.html?b=1261976400^2635101

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.

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