Targeted Blogs Can Help Ad Agencies Grow

Darren Rowse with ProBlogger lists 21 ways to write posts that are guaranteed to grow your blog:

1. Write something useful
2. Write something unique
3. Write something newsworthy
4. Write something first
5. Write something that makes those who read it smarter
6. Write something controversial
7. Write something insightful
8. Write something that taps into a fear people have
9. Write something that helps people achieve
10. Write something that elicits a response
11. Write something that gives a sense of belonging
12. Write something passionately
13. Write something that interprets or translates news for people
14. Write something inspirational
15. Write something that tells a story
16. Write something that solves a problem
17. Write something that gets a laugh
18. Write something that saves people time or money
19. Write something opinionated
20. Write something that is a resource
21. Write something about something ‘cool‘

Many of these tips meet the criteria for a good pitch to the news media as well: something unique, newsworthy, first, controversial, etc.

Ad agencies are increasingly growing their business through blogs that convey their expertise and reach particular audiences. If your agency doesn’t have a blog yet, make it a priority to start one in 2009.

To visit Darren’s blog, go to:

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to small- and medium-sized advertising agencies and businesses.

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