BloggerLinkUp Is an Important Resource for Ad Agency PR

BloggerLinkUp is a free service that should be on every ad agency PR person’s radar because it helps attract the attention of bloggers. Blogger LinkUp is similar to HARO, which stands for Help A Reporter Out. HARO is a wonderful resource page where reporters can post stories for which they are looking for experts to interview. More than 50,000 journalists use this service – as do a whole lot of PR people looking for media outlets to present their clients’ or executives’ areas of expertise.

BloggerLinkUp connects bloggers looking for help with guest posts with people who are looking to get links and exposure by writing guest posts. There also are opportunities to have products reviewed by bloggers and to get in touch with bloggers who do interviews and need sources for stories.

All it takes to join BlogerLinkUp is to submit your name and e-mail address. Once or twice a day, Monday through Friday, you’ll receive e-mails listing bloggers looking for expert sources; requests for guest posts; bloggers and web masters offering guest posts; and PR reps and others seeking reviews of products. When you see a request that fits, you simply respond directly to the requester.

Here’s a list of guest posts requests from this morning’s e-mail:

1) The Top 5 Things I would Show Visitors to My City

2) PR5 Comic Math Blog Wants Guest Posts

3) Need quality articles on personal finance

4) Looking for Guest Bloggers for just about any topic.

5) Christmas Apps for iPhone & iPad

6) Beauty Guru’s and their Favorite BeautyTip

7) Any travel subjects are welcome

8) Replicating His Love

9) Ways to lose weight and get healthier

10) Apps for “Your Topic”

11) Cat lovers and your stories

12) PR4 literary blog looking for guest posts on book reviews, author interviews and articles about the publishing process

13) Guest Posts for Green Living, Home Remodeling, Design & Construction Blog

14) Beauty, Wedding, Fashion, Health, Celebrity Posts Needed

15) Florida Holiday Vacation Blog

16) Looking for articles on Career Change, Family, Addiction or Assertiveness

17) Looking For Personal and Business Insurance Guest Posts

18) PR3 High Traffic Blog looking for Guest posts on Social Media, affiliate marketing, Freelancing, Internet Marketing etc

19) Need online monetization ideas?

20) Guest post for Tech Blog

Blogger are an important communication vehicle for reaching niche audiences, and I believe they will become increasingly important in the future. BloggerLinkUp can help you stay on top of blogging opportunities and ensure you or your clients aren’t missing out on important conversations.

Don Beehler provides public relations consulting services to advertising agencies and businesses.

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